Heads of Families

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     In a perfect Teeple family history, we would all descend from one immigrant ancestor and we could all trace our lines, well-documented of course, right back to him!

     Right now, however, there are literally dozens of separate lineages that need to be characterized in some logical way. In the chart below, they will be described by earliest known ancestor, dates, spouse, and location. Except for those early NJ families with evidence from a will or bible record, the speculative NJ lineages are not represented. Some names are clickable; you may follow them to further info.

     Although this chart format may not the most helpful arrangement - there are no follow-up generations - it is, however, one way to demonstrate the range of our historical problems.

 Earliest Ancestor



 Andrew H. Teeple 1803-1887 Lydia Adaline Skiff Brooklyn NY
 Bryant Teeple 1817-1887 Mahalath Smalling NJ - IL
 Christopher Teeple 1767-1838 Eleanor Sarah Lowry PA - ON
 Christopher Teeple 1785-1854 Eliza Depuy NJ - Wayne Co Pa
 Francis Teepel 1743-1847 Hannah Lake ON
 Frederick Teeple 1795-1877 Margaret McCollum NB-MI
 George Teeple 1770-1839 Anna Brown NY-OH
 George Teeple 1758-1810 Hannah Montanye NJ-NY-ON
 George Teeple   Margaret Shipman PA
 Isaac Teeple 1760-1828 Catherine Castner Washington Co PA
 Jacob Teeple early 1800s Elizabeth Columbia to Crawford Co PA
 Jacob Teeple 1805-1862 Nancy Bilyeu TN-MO
 Jacob Teeple 1764-1835 Penelope Reynolds / Hannah Martin  PA-Clark Co IN
 James Teeple  about 1845 Jane TN
 John Teeple 1760-1845 Lana Vosseller NJ
 John Teeple 1728-1813 Margaret Castner NJ
 John Teeple 1773- Rachel King NJ
 John Teeple 1802-1873 Rhuamy Crim OH-IN
 John Teeple -1810 Sophia Guest NJ-OH
 Joseph Teeple 1773-1857 Mary Crawford Co PA
 Julie Ann Teeples about 1835   TN
 Leonard Teeple 1777-1856 Martha Ramsey OH
 Luke Teeple 1696-1794 Anna Maria Streit NJ
 Luke Teeple -1774 Mary NJ
 Luke Teeple 1770-1848 Orphany Towner CT
 Margaret Teeple 1760-1848 John Staples PA
 Mary/Polly Teeple 1762 Abraham Smock PA
 Peter Teeple 1762-1847 Lydia Mabee NJ-NB-ON
 Philip Teeple 1770 Catherine NJ-ON
 Samuel Teeple early 1800s Elizabeth Lamberson Columbia Co PA
 Simon Teeple   Jane Djigabikadjonekwe  NY-MI
 Thomas Teeples about 1802 Eleanor TN
 William Teeple about 1779-1866 Rachel Stillwell NJ-NY-MI
 William B. Teeple     IN
 William W. Teeple about 1806-1892

Sarah Bird, Effe Henry,

Mary Ann Breese