You've arrived at Anne's crossroads of Teeple family history.


This is not an archive.
     You have reached a crossroads, not an archive. Help is here if you need a hand with a knotty (or naughty?) Teeple problem.

This is a sharing place.
     I have one simple standard: a fair exchange of info. However you may benefit from the resources here, I ask that you donate something, anything, of proven worth to our family history. And when you use your new material, do say 'thanks' by acknowledging its source.

This is serious stuff.
     This is our very own history. And it needs to be done properly. It's a simple truth that only solid facts advance our cause. Good proofs are the key - and you may have some to share!

Fussy? Yes. Friendly? That too!
     It's an odd combination, but it works. I'm habitually busy about Teeple trifles. When I meet another fussy Teeple researcher - wow!! - we become good email/letter/chatting/visiting friends. I mention this because it is a system that works well.
[Note: this passage was Anne Rahamut's signature style. We will all miss her unique style, just as we will miss her enthusiasm. In keeping with her fondest wishes, however, we will keep plodding forward.]

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May 2020
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"Peter Teeple of Hunterdon Township, New Jersey"