Peter Teeple

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       Peter Teeple was born, so tradition says, 14 June 1762, near Bordentown NJ, to unknown parents. Still in his teens, he took the British side during the Revolutionary War. After the war, he settled in New Brunswick where he married Lydia Mabee. About 1792, the young family moved to Upper Canada (now Ontario) where they remained for life. (see Teeple People newsletter issues 10, 15 & 16) Peter served as a Justice of the Peace for over 30 years in Norfolk Co and Oxford Co. He died 28 Jul 1847. There are at least 97 grandchildren of this couple. (see Teeple People issue 3.)

       Their children were: Louvinia, William Bullard, Susannah, Luke, Frederick, Edward Manning, Mary, Stephen Henry, Phoebe, Oliver Mabee, Lemuel Covel, Simon Peter, and Pelham Cartwright.

      This family line has been very well-researched. There are many family members actively searching for new information.