Teeple-Gaston Families

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Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, vol 31, 1956:The Families of the Name of Gaston: [William Gaston Family]

William Gaston, Son of John & Elizabeth Gaston, married the daughter of John & Margaret      Teeple, (Naomi Teeple) on the 10th day of December 1782.
The following are the Children of William & Naomi Gaston: all of whom were born in the County      of Somerset in the State of New Jersey, viz.
        John Gaston, born September 26th 1783 (married in 18050 - Died June 19th 1859.
        Walter Gaston, born & died 3 months old between John & William Gaston.
        William Gaston, born September 26th 1787. Settled in Savannah Georgia Nov'r 1805. Died              aged 52 years.
        Margaret Gaston, born October 30th 1789. Married John M. McEowen, March 1819, died               3rd Nov'r 1827 aged 38 years.
        Joseph Gaston, born Feb'y 13th 1792, died April 5th 1814 aged 22 years.
        James Gaston, born Jan'y 8th 1795. Married March 1820.
        Oliver Gaston, born Jan'y 8th (twin) died June 4th 1821 aged 26 years.
        Abraham Gaston, born Apr 25th 1797, died January 21st 1823, aged 26 years.
        Hugh Gaston, born August 27th 1800, died March 30th 1821 aged 20 years.

Gaston-Teeple Families: [John Teeple Family]

George Teeple, father to John Teeple, was born in Germany & emigrated from thence to the State      of New Jersey about the year 1700.
John Teeple, son of George Teeple, married Margaret Castner, (daughter of Jeremiah & Naaomi      Castner) on the 10th January 1756.
John Teeple, born October 29th 1728, died March 17th 1813 aged 85 years.

Bible Records

Margaret Teeple, born July 15th 1737, died March 17th 1813, aged 76 years.
John and Margaret Teeple departed life on the same day, within 3 hours of each other, Margaret      died first & John after.
The following are the children of John & Margaret Teeple.
     Mary Teeple, born December 21st, 1756, died October 21st 1816, aged 60 years
     Naomi Teeple, born July 20th 1760, died June 24th 1818 aged 58 years.
     Ann Teeple, born April 13th 1764, died June 9th 1805 aged 41 years.