New Jersey

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      Most Teeple researchers whom I have met consider New Jersey to be their North American ancestral home. So, New Jersey is the title of this section.

    Early NJ records, plentiful though they are, have not yet yielded a cohesive picture of Teeple origins, and it seems that each researcher must try to create connexions out of some pretty flimsy cloth.

   In the absence of strong documentation, an alternative research route is to attempt something called preponderance  of evidence. This method attempts to pile weak evidence upon weak evidence in an effort to say that "so many pointers in such-and-such a direction cannot be wrong." Such results are probably best considered as good clues only.

   In summary, I believe it is a mistake to feel too confident with the NJ materials. At the same time, I believe that everyone should use them to practise their Teeple sleuthing. Therefore, what follows in this section is a collection of assorted information. See what you can make of it all.

   New Jersey is not the only location for early information. Teeples have been reported in early NYC, New York state, as well as overseas in England, Holland, and Germany. Therefore, this section has been divided into those categories. 

     If a reader wishes to contribute any early material, just contact me and I'll add whatever fits the bill.