Items from New Jersey Papers

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From Notices from New Jersey Newspapers, 1781-1790, by Thomas B. Wilson, published by Hunterdon House 1988, come these items:


Political Intelligencer, New Brunswick, 2 Mar 1784, p. 187
        Peter Dumont, Agent for Confiscated Estates in Somerset County, adv. for sale . . . a farm in Barnet's twp . . . will be sold 9 Apr at the house of John Teeple, innholder at Pluckamin.

Brunswick Gazette</i>, 13 Nov 1787, p. 336
        Peter Dumont, agent for forfeited estates in Somerset County, ad. for sale . . . at the house of John Teeple in Pluckamin.

Note: these forfeited estates commonly belonged to Loyalists, those who remained loyal to the British crown during the American Revolution.

New Jersey Gazette, 6 Dec 1784, p. 73
        letters remaining in the post office, Princeton: Peter Teeple, Pluckamin

Brunswick Gazette, 26 Jul 1791, p. 364
        letters remaining at the post office, Princeton: William Tepol, near Princeton