Story of an Old Farm

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The Story of an Old Farm
Author: Andrew D. Mellick Jr
published by The Unionist-Gazette, Somerville NJ, 1889

Teeple Extracts

p. 92-93
Bedminster, Ye 7th Day of December, 1756. A Subscription For Raising a Sum of money For Building a Church in Bedminster town - - - Then follow the signatures - - - Among these names are those of - - - John and George Teeple.

p. 94
In the royal charter granted by George III in 1767, 'to the Rector, Church Wardens and Vestrymen of the united Churches of Zion and St. Paul,' the following names appear as its petitioners: Lucas Dipple - - - Christofer Teeple and John Teeple, all being residents of the townships of Bridgewater, Bedminster and Bernards, in Somerset county.

p. 130
This tract is designated as number 51, on the map accompanying schedule number IIIl, in the Elizabethtown Bill in Chancery. The land was conveyed by George Willocks to Daniel Axtell on the twenty-fourth of June, 1726, and soon after that time that portion of the land lying east of the north branch of the Raritan came into the possession of George Teeple, the founder of the Teeple family at Pluckamin.

p. 146
On the east side of the river, on the part of the tract (Winder) that George Willocks sold to Daniel Axtell, lived George Teeple and his sons, John and Christopher. He emigrated from Germany as early as 1700, and his grandson William was living recently in Pluckamin at an advanced age. The records show George Teeple to have been living in the township in 1745, and his name and that of his son John also appear, in 1756, as subscribers to the building of St. Paul's Lutheran church. From a gravestone in the churchyard we learn that John married Margaret Castner on the tenth of January, 1756, and after living together for fifty-seven years they died within three hours of each other on the seventeenth of March, 1813, and were buried in the same grave.

p. 430
From the fifteenth to the twenty-sixth of July (1777) the council of safety sat at New Germantown, in Hunterdon county - - - Ordered that warrants be issued to apprehend and bring the following persons forthwith before the Government and Council of Safety, to take the oath, etc - - - John Teeple - - - Peter Teeple - - - Doctor Aaron Craig and John Teeple Tavernkeeper, appd. before the Board pursuant to citation and severally took and subscribed the Oaths of abjuration and allegiance agreeable to law - - -