New Jersey Calendar of Wills

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New Jersey Calendar of Wills, 1771-1780
New Jersey Archives, First Series, Vol 34, 1931

p. 528 (from Lib. K. p 463)
     1765, Feb 12. Tipple, John, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., weaver; will of. Wife, Catherine Tipple, all my real and personal estate. Executrix - my said wife. Witnesses - Benjamin Dubois, John Sutphen, Andrew Bowne. Proved Sept 28, 1772.

     1772, Oct 28. Inventory, £392.15.4, made by Garret Covenhoven, Cyrenus Van Mater and Andrew Bowne. A legacy to be paid by the Executors of Cornelius Dorn, £50.

p. 144 (from Lib. L, p. 85)
     1764, Aug 20. Dieppel, Lucas, of Bridgewater Township, Somerset Co.; will of. The 120 acres of land where I live to be sold, and my wife to have 1/3 the amount and £100 more. Eldest son, John, the land where he lives that joins William Graham, and contains 50 acres. After my wife, Mary, has been paid, then the rest to be given to my sons, Christopher Teaple and Peter Teaple, and my son-in-laws, Jacob Fusler and John Meyer. Daughter, Ursula, wife of John Appleman, a silver tankard. Executors - son, Christopher Teaple and John Appleman. Witnesses - Andrew Leake, Daniel Castner, Sidney Berry.

     1773, Nov 16. Codicil. My wife, Mary may live on the place, and my son's daughter, Peggy, who lives with us, to have a good outset when 18. My son, Christopher's eldest son, Luke, to have my gun. My son, Peter's son, Luke, a gun, and my son John's son, Luke, £3. My son-in-law Jacob Fusler's son, Luke, £3. Witnesses - Daniel Castner, Jacob Castner, Philip King. Proved Jan. 26, 1774.

     1774, Jan 19. Inventory, made by John Haas and Daniel Castner. Bond due from John Teeple, Jacob Lang and George Teeple for £70

p. 527 (from Lib. 19, p. 271; Lib 19, p. 505)
     1777, July 19. Tiepel, Jurey, of Bridgewater, Somerset Co., farmer; will of. Wife, Anne, use of real and personal estate. She is to have all that she had when I married her. Daughter Margret, to live with her on the lot. Children, John, William, Jurey, Matice [Mathias], Peter, Mary, Caterin, Morelise, Margret, the overplus. Executors - Hendrick Van Arsdalen and John Brokaw. Witnesses - Philip Folk, Jacob Ackerman, Antje Feser.
     1777, July 26. Codicil. Witnesses - Peter Teeple, Philip Folk, Jacob Vosseller, Proved Aug 1, 1777
     1777, Aug 1. Inventory, £23.11.7, made by Hendrick Van Arsdalen, Philip Folk and Abraham Britten.<p>