The Albany Protocol

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The Albany Protocol

This was Pastor Berkenmeyer's chronicle of Lutheran affairs in NY colony, 1731-1750, during which time he became involved with church problems in the Raritan NJ congregation. In the segments below, it seems clear that there was conflict between Pastor Falkner of in the Mountains and his congregation. The Teeple brothers were involved in the conflict.

Protocol p. 4. On September 12th [1731], the thirteenth Sunday after Trinity, service was held and the Lord's Supper was adminstered to about 30 people, three children were baptized after the service, and the people from Rachgeway elected Mr. Martin Stein as elder and Mr. Jacob Schubman as deacon. They were publicly installed following the afternoon service. But none of the members from Mühlstein was there. Those from [the congregation] in the Mountains showed themselves unwilling to hold an election, because pastor Falkner was satisfied with one deacon, Lucas Dippel.

Protocol p. 5. On Monday, September 13th, we all proceeded to the Mountains to hold the scheduled church assembly in Pieter Kasner's home - - - Meanwhile, both the Dippels and a few others appeared, requesting that the meeting take place at Pastor Falkner's - - -

Protocol p. 7. Hannes Kasner, the other [Falkner] son-in-law, began, 'What is this? I thought that other things were to be discussed here and that we were to help the old man [Falkner] maintain his rights, but I hear nothing about that.' I replied: Other matters may also be discussed, but this is the main point. Lucas Dippel said: Pastor Berkenmeyer has also said that everyone who takes the Lord's Supper from Pastor Falkner, does it to his own condemnation. This should be rectified, for to have such a pastor is terrible! My friend, I said, first prove it to me that I said that, either in New York or here, in the pulpit or at home. He said he did not know, but Dan. Schumacher's wife was supposed to have said it - - -Meanwhile, it is certain that several persons, whose names I do not want to mention - - - wanted to have me come here to give them the Lord's Supper - - -

Protocol p. 8. - - - Lucas Dippel's brother replied, 'What I said at that time I do not deny and I still say it.'