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     Teeple People has been published on paper since 1989, every March, July and November. To give you some idea of content, here are the article headlines for the three issues in 1999.


Teeple-Tunison Links
What Kathy Marshall found in the Bedminster Churchyard
Lee-Stevens-Teeple: A Mix-and-Match Puzzle
The Family of Orphany Towner and Luke Teeple
The Surprise Wedding of Henry Calvin Teeple and Susan Adella Thomas
Aaron Teeple, War Correspondent, . . . Chickasaw Bayou
A good Teeple Web Site
Looking for Charles (or James) Teeple of 19c Michigan


Teeple Lake, Highland Recreation Area, Milford Michigan
Teeple Family Reunion 2
Peter Teeple's New Brunswick Land Grant
The Descendants of Christopher Teeple and Sarah Deodorff
William Finley Teeple . . . of Equinunk PA
Origins of the Teeple Name
Bedroom Humour?
Unidentified Tennessee Teeples


Benjamin F. Teeple and Mabel Bond's Wedding Day
The Second Decatur Summer Teeple Gathering
Williams-Teeple Bible Record
George Teeple, 85 years young, is going out rabbiting today
Morrison Teapole
Pelham Teeple's Diary: part 5
Teeple People Index
Personal News from Christine and Andrew Durocher
Roy S. Teeple, member of Life Saving Crew, Port Rowan Ontario 1911