Teeple Teamwork

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        The following people have agreed to share their time, experience, and knowledge in the field of Teeple family research. Please, before you contact any of them, be sure you have done your part and gotten (semi-?) organized!
        Don't worry about how small your contribution may be; it's only logical that as the history swells in size, each person's part will look small by comparison.

Bob Frei
        Bob is a descendant of Peter Teeple and Lydia Mabee through their son, Luke and his son Owen Fares Teeple. Bob also has an extensive collection of Michigan Teeples from many lineages. Bob publishes a website, The Families of Bob and Nila Frei, with many Teeple items.

Kathy Marshall
        Kathy is a descendant of Pitney Teeple and Isabella Merchant through their grandson, Roy Joseph Teeple. Kathy is very familiar with Ohio Teeples. Her present goal is to prove that Pitney's parents are John Teeple and Sophia Guest. She writes, "I agree about the fair sharing of information. I would be proud if I found a piece of information that no one else has been able to locate and that would tie families together." You can reach Kathy here.

Donald E. Teeple
        Don is of the Schoharie NY Teeples, those descended from John Teeple and Lana Vosseller, through their son Jacob Teeple and his wife Edie Crocker. Ask him also about the earlier NJ Teeples - he's been working hard to clarify them. His free time is during the winter; in the summertime, he may have other priorities. You can reach Don here.

Richard Miles
        Richard Miles is a descendant of Christopher Teeple and Eliza Depuy of Equinunk, Wayne Co PA. He is energetic and thorough. His most recent discovery is a pair of sisters about whom he writes, "they are in their eighties and it has taken me 3 years to locate them." Through their new information he has been able to unravel one more small family mystery! You can reach Richard here.

Kathryn Moore   
        Kathy holds a long-time interest in the descendants of George Teeple and Anna Brown and has abundant documentation and resource material to back up her work. In one of her dramatic efforts, she brought together a crowd of Teeple relatives by advertising a reunion in a city park. She had no idea how many people would come; she was overwhelmed by the response. She'll have something for you --- count on it! Contact Kathy here.