Hank Jones on the Palatine Teeples

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Dear Anne,

     My Palatine researcher, Carla Mittelstaedt-Kubaseck, combed the Hohensolmes region village-to-village for me in the 70s and early 80s looking for New York Palatines, including the Diebel et var. family. She found several others who arrived in 1710 in the area, but not your group.

      Carla was a real whiz at deciphering the old handwriting and was a VERY meticulous researcher. She once wrote me a half page letter apologizing for leaving an umlaut off of a vowel!. She passed away in 1994 in her 80s. {See my More Psychic Roots: Further Adventures in Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy which has an entire chapter on her adventures looking for 1709ers}

       The family undoubtedly lived pre-1709 somewhere near Hohensolmes, perhaps in one of the many small villages nearby whose churchbooks have not survived. If ever I run across anything more on Johannes, I'll certainly let you know. He's still high on my priority list to find of all those undiscovered so far.

Stay in touch.

All the best,

Hank Jones

July 2003