Teepells in New Orleans

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     I spent a few hours in the New Orleans Public Library and found the following items about Teepells. The name Teepell is consistent with the eastern Ontario Teeple branch.

1. a marriage application form - original document - between William Teepell and Mary Connolly, dated 1854 in New Orleans

2. A newspaper article from the Daily Picayune, 5 Dec, 1905, page 4, column 3, describing the accidental death of George Teepell 4 Dec 1905 in New Orleans.

Drunken Man's Luck
Didn't Keep George Teepell From Being Crushed to Death

     A fatal accident occurred at the corner of Third and Carondelet about 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, in which a white man named George Teepell was run over by a wagon loaded with coal and instantly killed. It appears that Teepell usually hangs around the yards in front of the city, and when an order is received for coal for family use, accompanies the wagon with a view of securing the job of wheeling in the coal. Yesterday he accompanied an unknown negro, and was under the influence of liquor at the time, it is believed. As the wagon was passing up Carondelet Street at the above corner Teepell fell out and the wheels passed over his chest, killing him instantly. The ambulance was summoned, but when it arrived the students pronounced the man dead. The body was conveyed to the Morgue, where the Coroner viewed it and gave a certificate of accidental death.
     Teepell is said to have been a baker by trade, and was addicted to the drink habit. He had in his pocket two rent receipts for a room, and signed by Mrs. Schurmann. He is said to have a sister living on Magnolia Street, near Fourth, to whom notice of the death of Teepell was sent, and she will doubtless attend to the interment.