Merimoth O. Teeple

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Merimoth Teeple first surfaced years ago as part of some hand-written notes of an early-twentieth century Teeple researcher, Bessie Olive Call Jeffrey. Bessie was working then on the family of Oliver Mabee Teeple, Peter Teeple's 10th child. What she wrote was this: "Merimuth - Major Teeple, killed in St. Louis in the 70s - on the street in St. Louis - hit with ball club."

That info languished in my files for years, until one of his descendants, Carolyn Hansen, contacted me and sent me a copy of his discharge papers, dated June 1865. He was listed as a Captain in Company I, 14th Regiment of Kansas Cavalry during the American Civil War. The compilation of Civil War Soldiers and Sailors at <http://.> lists his service as the 14th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry and the Cass County Home Guard, Missouri Cavalry.

The gal who contacted me said that he married Helen Wiltsie and that they had a son Harry Wiltsie Teeple.

Another long wait . . . years went by.

This summer, I found Merimoth again, in the U. S. 1870 census, He was listed as M. O. Teeple, 35 years old, a painter, born Canada, living with Helen 27 years old, keeping house, born Canada, and Harry 3, born MO. Their residence was Grand River Twp, Cass Co MO, Wadesburg PO (see p. 577 in the census records).

Now, we need to be finding out about his death by ball club!! If you have anything that fits this family history, I know Carolyn Hansen will want to know. You can contact her here

Merimoth's family

Oliver Mabee Teeple was born 16 May 1803 in Norfolk Co ON, son of Peter Teeple and Lydia Mabee. He married Jerusha Partlow in 1822 and they had 5 children: Mariam, Orissa, Hortensia, Jane Delight, and Louvinia Luther. Shortly after Jerusha's death in 1835, Oliver Mabee Teeple married a second time, to Eleanor McKinney, and they had six children: Henry, Merimoth O., Oliver Appleton, Cyntha, Warren and Issacher. The whole family settled in the U.S.