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        Rootsweb World Connect - Teeples

        Hank Jones has found over 600 of the 847 NY Palatine families who arrived there in 1710 in their ancestral German homes and well over 1500 later arrivals 1717-1776, but he says he missed documenting the Teeples in their precise village/town. Hank writes, "All of my books on the Palatines are listed and described on my web-site, http://www.hankjones.com  as well as contact and ordering information for my books. By the way, in one of your sections on your site you mentioned the 1709 Rotterdam and 1710-12 Hunter Subsistence Lists. These are now fully transcribed and published verbatim in my new three volume set, Even More Palatine Families, just released last year."
Anne's comments: Hank's references alone are an education in scholarly research. His material offers a rich insight into lives lived just when our Teeple ancestors arrived in North America.

       Teeples on DistantCousin.com    You will reach their home page. Click the T under surname search and follow onwards to Teeple.

       Teeples in Elgin County Ontario    In this Ontario GenWeb site, the following two links lead to Teeple info. Try clicking on "Ancestor Register Reports" in the blue side bar and scroll down to Teeple. Also, enter Teeple in the suggestion "Search the Elgin OGS site for an ancestor name."

      Teeples in Kosciusko County Indiana     This is a USGenWeb Project web-site which contains numerous references to the families of Peter and Christopher Teeple. They were twin sons of Isaac Teeple and Catherine Castner of PA. They settled in Indiana for life. As well as indices for each category, there are opportunities to acquire the actual documents.

   The Dibean Michigan Marriage Index.  This index is maintained by Jack and Marianne Dibean of Lansing Michigan.  As well as Teeples, you may find some in-laws there too! You are welcome to add to their database.


Scattered Teeple Tidbits

        History of Hamilin WI. Here you will find the story of how Jesse James stayed overnight at Henry Teeple's hotel. Henry was the son of John Teeple and Rhuamy Crim of OH/IN. There are good photos of Henry, his wife, Mary Price, and their farm.

       A photograph of the Bessemer Railroad Maintenance of Way Dinner in 1947 can be found on the web-site Western Pennsylvania Old Photos. One of the attendees at the dinner was B. Teeple.


Teeple Home Pages

     The Families of Bob and Nila Frei
            Peter Teeple line: from Luke Teeple through his grandson Owen Fares Teeple

     Jeanette Chase: http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/familytree
           Peter Teeple line: from Stephen Henry Teeple to his son Morrison Teeple

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